Thursday, November 11, 2010

Herbs for the Kidneys

I received this information in an email from someone who keeps up with this blog.  In the information that they had found online was a list of herbs that will help to cleanse the kidneys.  I, having kidney stones, will be trying some of these but thought I would pass it along to anyone else who might be interested.

Herbs for Kidney Cleansing

Uva Ursi (Bearberry)

When taken orally, Uva Ursi transforms in the stomach into a compound with antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. It then passes down through the urinary system and so can also aid with urinary infections.


Parsley detoxifies the kidney by flushing toxins out, and is beneficial in the treatment and prevention of kidney stones. Parsley contains a compound named Apoil, which has now been isolated and used in medication to treat kidney ailments and kidney stones.
To make a Parsley tea, place 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley into a pot with the lid on. Heat the water to almost boiling, then turn off the heat. Let it sit for fifteen minutes, then strain the parsley out and enjoy the tea.


Nettles are effective diuretics and anti-bacterials that can help to treat and prevent kidney stones. They are available as a tea or in capsules.
I am not a licensed medical practitioner and cannot give out medical advice.  Just like you wouldn't take a medication your doctor gave you without reading up on it and it's side effects; I do not take or give my children an herb or essential oil without researching it first.  Not being a doctor I cannot diagnose or dispense advice; only my opinion.
If you know of an old wives tale or something that has worked for you in dealing with kidney stones please post below in the comments section.

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