Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Friends Questions Answered

I had a friend email me other day asking me some questions about herbs and essential oils.  I asked her if I could share her questions and my answers here so that we can all learn something from them. 

Her first questions was, "Are there any herbs or essential oils that I can use to help my baby that is constipated?"  She went on to say that her baby only poops every two weeks and she is breastfed.  My Answer: As for using oils...with her age I would only use them externally.  Rosemary is a good one but it is an emmenagogue which means it can bring on the menstrual flow so it should never be used if you are pregnant.  Since it makes me nervous I just steer clear of it.  I would try (if you like it) drinking a few cups of Chamomile Tea everyday since you are nursing she will get the effects of that too and it is supposed to be good for overall digestion.  It is perfectly safe for babies and mama's.  In fact it is so safe that you could make it and give her a few drops of it with a dropper if you wanted.  Remember Peter Rabbit's mama?  She gave him Chamomile tea.

Her second question was, "Have you heard of any herbal remedies that help with the pain & swelling of teething?"  My Answer:
Gum-Omile oil is helpful for teething.  One word of caution: just because this 'blend' had certain essential oils in them does not mean they are safe to give a baby alone.  When blended they are done so in a laboratory where they make sure that the formula is safe.  You can find the oil at  Here you are buying directly from the company. 
You drinking the Chamomile Tea can help with the teething too! :)  The Omile in Gum-Omile comes from the fact that it has Chamomile in it.
I am not a licensed medical practitioner and cannot give out medical advice.  Just like you wouldn't take a medication your doctor gave you without reading up on it and it's side effects; I do not take or give my children an herb or essential oil without researching it first.  Not being a doctor I cannot diagnose or dispense advice; only my opinion.
Please continue to send you questions or comments.  I might add your question to a future post but don't will remain anonymous.
Stay tuned....I have a very interesting topic I am researching and I think you will find it as interesting as I do.  Save my blog into your favorites and check it a few times a week to see if I have updated it.


  1. How about weight loss? Is there a herb for that? One that will not interfere with other medications that one takes. I would be interested in hearing about one that will help a person lose weight. MLT

  2. Actually, That is what I am working on. I will be posting on that very soon (probably in the next week.)