Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Bloody Mouth...No Problem At This House

You hear 'boys will be boys' but you don't know what that means until you have four of them.  The other day my next to youngest who is 3 years old was outside playing catch with his older brothers when the baseball bounced off the sidewalk and hit him in the mouth busting his mouth open.  He came toward the house crying with a pool of blood in his hand.  I put a wet paper towel on it but the bleeding wouldn't stop.  That's when I remembered that I had read that plantain herb can stop bleeding.  I ran to the deep freeze (that is where I keep my herbs to keep them fresher longer) and put some between two paper towels and ran hot water on them until the paper towel started to turn colors (then I knew the medicinal properties were being released)  I put it on his mouth and he immediately stopped crying and most importantly the bleeding stopped too.  He held it on there for about 5 minutes and when I tried to take it off he said it hurt when I removed it.  Not wanting him leaving the house with a paper towel stuffed with "green stuff" I had another thought.  My Green Salve has plantain and comfrey, both good for cuts, so I grabbed that and put some on his lip like I was putting on chap stick and he was fine.  He said it stopped hurting and he went back outside to play.  A friend arrived at our house 15 minutes later to go somewhere with us and when I said I was running late because my little on had busted his lip open she said she would have never known if I wouldn't have told her because the swelling and the cut had already started healing.  When my husband arrived home from work that afternoon the cut was all but healed you could not tell at all that just 3 hours earlier he had been bleeding from the mouth!  It just goes to show yet again, the power of herbs.

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  1. You are learning a lot of uses for herbs. Can you find one that helps make people invisible when they are standing in front of you keeping you from concentrating on your work? I need one that I can put in a spray bottle; so I can just mist them when they disturb me. Do you think you can help with that?
    Actually I am amazed at all you have learned and all the uses for natural herbs. Keep up the good work and keep posting the remedies on your blog, please! MLT